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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Collector Dolls Update

Hi Everyone! People want to know the values of their dolls or their mother's dolls or their grandmother's dolls. This site will help you Identify and value these dolls. Do you have any of these dolls: Patty Playpal, Betsy Wetsy, Tiny Tears, Toni, Crissy, Shirley Temple, Tammy, Tressy,Ginny, Ginnette, Jill, Betsy McCall or any other from the 1930s through the 1970s? I will help you ID and value them.

I will post articles about dolls from time to time here on my blog.

Feel free to write me to ask about a specific doll, I do charge
an appraisal fee of $5 per doll.

Also, if you are collecting dolls, learn about them from my books on IDEAL, VOGUE, and AMERICAN CHARACTER DOLLS.

GO to my website to find out more about my books and which dolls are covered in each book.

Have fun learning about the wonderful collectible dolls.
Judy Izen


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