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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bottletot and Marveltot Doll Appraisal

[I will be offering doll appraisals for a very small fee of $5 per doll. Email me at to request an appraisal]

From Patrice:
"Hey- heard you were giving values of doll, and thought I'd let you take a peek at this one and give me your opinion.
Also, I have a Bottletot box, and just wondered if the doll is a Bottletot. I know Ideal made an all rubber Betsy too,
so it's possible she could be her, but not sure. Neither are marked.

Your cute Botteltot looks like she's wearing an original dress. I'd value her as $225 in her box. Your adorable Marveltot whose face changes expression looks like her fingernails have been painted by a child so she would be less probably around $200. Both Botteltot and Marveltot rubber dolls are pictured and valued in my American Character Dolls book.
Regards, Judy




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