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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Shirley Temple

"I recently acquired my mother's Shirley Temple doll. Mom got her in 1934 and she is dressed in a cowboy outfit with chaps, boots, vest, bandana, socks (extra pair with doll also), a gun belt with metal gun, hat and a Shirley Temple pin. I have no idea the value of the doll but she is in very good condition. I do not have a digital camera but I could possibly have my daughter take pictures of her. Do you possibly have an idea of her value for insurance purposes?? I am new at this and am not familiar with dolls at all. Thank you."

Lucky, you! You have a rare and hard to find Shirley Temple Texas Ranger doll made as a special souvenir of the Texas Centennial. If she still has her 10 gallon Felt hat and all her accessories depending on her size she'd be in the $800-900 range.


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