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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Shirley Temple

"I recently acquired my mother's Shirley Temple doll. Mom got her in 1934 and she is dressed in a cowboy outfit with chaps, boots, vest, bandana, socks (extra pair with doll also), a gun belt with metal gun, hat and a Shirley Temple pin. I have no idea the value of the doll but she is in very good condition. I do not have a digital camera but I could possibly have my daughter take pictures of her. Do you possibly have an idea of her value for insurance purposes?? I am new at this and am not familiar with dolls at all. Thank you."

Lucky, you! You have a rare and hard to find Shirley Temple Texas Ranger doll made as a special souvenir of the Texas Centennial. If she still has her 10 gallon Felt hat and all her accessories depending on her size she'd be in the $800-900 range.

Value of Ginny Doll

"Hi, First of all I can't wait for your new book to come out. I have a Ginny of the Far Far Away Lands (Dutch) series. Her head is marked Ginny. Her body is marked Vogue 1972. I understand that she was made approximately between 1977-79. She is in her original dress. However, she is missing her lace hat and wooden shoes. Her shoes have been replaced with white shoes and socks. Also, her dress is a little faded as if it has been washed. I am interested in selling her and I don't want to sell to low, but more importantly, I don't want to cheat anyone and sell her for more than what she is worth. Thank you very much."

Answer: "Debi these cute vinyl Ginny from Far Away Lands sell for $45 when they are in excellent shape. Since yours is less than perfect I would price her accordingly. They are of interest for their foreign costuming." Regards, Judy

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Just Released: 3rd Edition, IDEAL DOLLS Collector's Identification and Value Guide

The 3rd Edition of the IDEAL DOLLS Collector's Identification and Value Guide has just been released! You can get an autographed copy by going to my Doll Books website  Posted by Hello

Plassie Toddler

[For a limited time, in order to promote this blog, I will be offering free doll appraisals. Email me at to request an appraisal]

Hi Judith,

I am patiently sitting waiting for your new Ideal book to come out. Hope it comes out soon. In the meantime, I am redressing a doll for a lady that is an Ideal doll and I am not sure who she is. This doll is 15" Hard plastic, sleep eyes, strung, molded hair under the mohair wig which is stapled to the head, Marks are Head 14 /Ideal Doll /Made in the U.S.A. , on the body Ideal Doll / 14. When I cleaned her I discovered the mouth is painted red with a pink tongue. I would just like to know who she is and about when she was made so that I may dress her in the proper style.

The clothes are not original to the doll. They were made by an adult relative of the owner.

Also, on page 105 of Second Edition of the Ideal Book there is a picture of Tickletoes. The description says that she is marked P2000. On Ebay's Doll Chat we have had a few people asked about a doll marked P200 that looks just like Tickletoes. Is the mark listed in the book by any chance a typo? I have found no other doll in the Ideal book marked P200. I use the book often to help Id the dolls and these two dolls have me confused.

Thanks, Terry

Terry the Good news is my IDEAL DOLLS book 3rd edition has JUST been published.
The other good news is that your doll is on p.121 in original clothing. She is Plassie Toddler from c. 1951. Best Regards, Judy Izen

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 Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bottletot and Marveltot Doll Appraisal

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From Patrice:
"Hey- heard you were giving values of doll, and thought I'd let you take a peek at this one and give me your opinion.
Also, I have a Bottletot box, and just wondered if the doll is a Bottletot. I know Ideal made an all rubber Betsy too,
so it's possible she could be her, but not sure. Neither are marked.

Your cute Botteltot looks like she's wearing an original dress. I'd value her as $225 in her box. Your adorable Marveltot whose face changes expression looks like her fingernails have been painted by a child so she would be less probably around $200. Both Botteltot and Marveltot rubber dolls are pictured and valued in my American Character Dolls book.
Regards, Judy